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Relaxing Masssage

Choose Braintree Clinical Massage and Choose A Positive Experience Every Time!

Braintree Clinical MassageClinical Massage Therapy

"Our Goal Is To Make Your Day By Giving You A Great Massage"

Let us tell you more about the art of Chinese Massage and how it can Rejuvenate Your Body!

   Certain types of massage boost blood circulation to the extremities. The massage technique moves blood through the congested areas. The squeezing and pulling flushes the unhealthy QI and metabolic waste from the body and speed up the healing process of a variety of discomforts such as cold hands and feet.

Chinese Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure therapy has evolved from dianxue, which is a traditional Chinese martial art.

 It was used to restore energy and release toxic waste that had developed during a strenuous day of work and or exercise.

Today these same techniques are applied to flush out lactic acid and other waste products that build up in all of us as a natural human condition.

Chinese massage is an ancient healing technique which helps you in relieving all these stress related problems.
It  mainly involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of your body to prevent pain, illness, discomfort and reload your body with new energy for the next day. It also is very relaxing and comforting.

Chinese massage is a system of stroking, pressing, and kneading different areas of the body to relieve any illness.
Chinese massage creates a pleasant sensation on the skin; it also works on the soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons to improve muscle tone.  It greatly affects the muscles which are just under the skin.

It has been shown to increase blood flow to areas of poor circulation and rejuvenate muscles that naturally develop lactic acid build up after exercises. 

The massage techniques applied at Clinical Massage truly make your day complete and allow you to reload with fresh flexible muscles and new oxygenated blood flow.  It is our goal to produce a consistently productive pleasant, positive experience that will reload you with energy.

 Our staff performs the art of Massage with humility and continues to improve and learn new innovative ways to make your day.

Please give us a try.   New clients and walk-ins are always welcome but appointments are preferred. 

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